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Name: Nemanja Ilić

Birth date: 30.08.1983.

Birth place: Belgrade, Serbia

Nationality: Serbian

Weight: 110 kg

Height: 207 cm

Club: Samedicino, Georgia

Position: Krilni centar

Here you can download my basketball CV >>   and coaching CV>>  


FIBA certified coach. Licence number:2017505490


Highest level coaching licence in Serbia


Played for (other clubs): Îêê Beograd (Serbia) , Radnik, Bijeljina (BiH), Slavija East Sarajevo (BiH), BC Chomutov (Czech Republic), Near East (Greece), Makedonikos (Greece), Vardar (Macedonia), CSKA Sofia (Buulgaria), BC Zobahan (Iran), Rjazan (Russia), Samedicino (Georgia), Omonia (Cyprus), BC Gravina (Italy) ...



¹ Season Team City - Country L
1 2015 - 2017 BC GRAVINA Catania - Italy C
1 2014 - 2015 CB ZALAKERAMIA - ZTE Hungary 1
2 2014 - 2015 CHERNOMORETS 2014 Bulgaria 1
3 2013 - 2014 APOEL Nicosia - Cyprus 1
4 2012 - 2013 OMONIA Nicosia - Cyprus 1
5 2011 - 2012 SAMEDICINO Tbilisi - Georgia 1
6 2010 - 2011 RJAZAN Rjazan - Russia SL
7 2009 - 2010 VARDAR 2000 Macedonia 1
8 2008 - 2009 KKB CSKA SOFIA Bulgaria 1
9 2007 - 2008 BC ZOBAHAN Iran  
10 2006 - 2007 BC MAKEDONIKOS Greece A1
11 2005 - 2006 BC RADNIK Bielina - BiH 1
12 2004 - 2005 BC NEAR EAST Greece A2
13 2003 - 2004 BC CHOMUTOV Czech republic 1
14 2002 - 2003 KK Slavia Sarajevo - BiH 1
15 1998 - 2002 OKK Belgrade Belgrade - Serbia  

Hobby: swimming
tel/fax: +381 11 303 6601
mob: + 381 62 851 4083


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- He was born in a family of sportsmen in the capital of Serbia - Belgrade.

- He has been training basketball since he was 13. He matured as a player in the Youth Basketball Club “Beograd”, where he went through the basketball school program in all selections (cadet, junior…).

- As cadet he played at the European Basketball Championship, France, and it was his last-minute basket which made his team the tournament winner.

- He has been a professional basketball player since age 18. So far he has been engaged exclusively by foreign basketball clubs. He played in Premier Leagues of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Greece …

- His standard position is 4, i.e. Power Forward. In case of need, for the sake of the club or the very game, he plays successfully position 5 - Center.

- Nemanja Ilić is a perspective descendant of the internationally famous Belgrade, i.e. (YU) Yugoslav, Serbian school of basketball, known for its appealing, efficient and successful basketball at the club, European, World and Olympic levels.

- Beside personal talent Nemanja Ilić has conquered all basketball techniques working with prominent first league coaches and coaches of different representations. His basketball experience has proven that Nemanja Ilić is a basketball player with an above average performance and efficiency, trustworthy, reliable and with other stable personal qualities.

We would like to mention only some of the characteristics of his basketball skills which recommend him for engagement in clubs with high level of quality play:

• Very good team player adequately subordinating his qualities to the spirit of the game;

• When necessary doing very good in the leadership position;

• Shows no tendency to violence, verbal duels and conflicts neither with the judges nor players of the opposing team.

• Good control over ball, controls the area inside the key, “aggressive” rebounder in defense, exceptional in team defense.

• "Gutsy" dribbler and hard driver, quick and fast.

• Good jumping ability in the first and second jump step with precise shooting from semi-distance and distance.

• Free throw rate of 82%, and averaging 13 points with more minutes per game.

• Excellent opening toward the basket, in “two-on-two” dueling, efficient in “one-on-one" dueling, dominates facing the basket.

• Good at ball passing and at pressing situations.

• Adapts quickly when entering the game as reserve player.

Improving further knowledge of all basketball elements and finesses also through advanced training with pro basketball coach Goran Stefanović.

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Words of Nemanja Ilić's pro basketball coach Goran Stefanović (cell phone: +381655031031):

"   Nemanja is a diligent and hard-working team player - Power Forward position. He is a player who controls the area inside the key and known for precise shooting performance from semi-distance and distance. In defense stable and firm, good rebounder offensively and excellent enforcer. Player with excellent technical and tactical skills.
   Reliable player who handles most complex of tasks and fulfills all commitments, has the maximum confidence of his coach in the offense and defense segment. "

Words of Spanish basketball coaches on TBCA basketball camp in Andora 2008:

"   Nemanja Ilic (Ala-Pívot, 24 años, 2.07) disputó la temporada 2007-2008 en el Makedonikos de Grecia.
    Nombrado como mejor reboteador del torneo demostró también su buena mano en los lanzamientos de tres puntos. Ala pivot muy fuerte fisicamente realizó un buen campus y demostró el por qué ha estado militando en la primera división griega con el Makedonikos.  " (15.5 puntos, 9.25 rebotes y 2.75 asistencias para 21 de valoración)

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